South Korean tourist train: In June 2020, the delivery of 4 South Korean tourist trains developed in cooperation with CRRC will be completed. The products include traction control, brakes, bogies, doors, etc.

Smart rail platform gates: In 2019, the half-height safety gates of the 17 stations of the Yibin and Yongxiu projects undertaken by CRRC will be completed.

Metro screen door: In December 2018, the delivery of the screen door of Seoul Metro Line 5 in South Korea was completed.

In December 2018, the delivery of the Thai Railway passenger train door was completed. The door is a single-opening sliding plug door for the replacement of the Thai Railway train door.

Completed the delivery of passenger train doors in Busan, South Korea in October 2019, including single-opening sliding doors, double-opening sliding plug doors, and single-opening manual door series.